Five Things Vendors Always Get Wrong

Hi Vendors! I love meeting vendors and startup founders. I really do. But (most of) you haven’t quite mastered the social skills necessary to properly contact an executive, or what to say to us to keep our attention. But there are (at least) five things vendors always get wrong. So here’s some free advice… 1. […]

Calling yourself a social media guru doesn’t make you one

DISCLAIMER: I read a great quote recently and forgot to bookmark it. I really wanted to use it in this post but I cannot find it, so I will paraphrase it. If you know the source, please let me know so I can credit it. It is not my quote, I just want to make […]


Designer Pro Tip #2

Designer Pro Tip

You call that an ironing board?

Chris Brogan’s recent post on flying tips got me thinking on my own experiences as a frequent traveler. It may seem glamorous to the outsider to fly around the country speaking to CMOs and CEOs about social media—and it can be—but you are only seeing part of the story—the fun part. The traveling itself can […]