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Hola, I’m Dave Linabury. I’ve been blogging since late 1998 on Davezilla.com. In 2002, I got in trouble for that blog name, but I prevailed. Davezilla.com is where I write humor.

DaveLinabury.com (this site) is where I showcase some of my art.

Dave Linabury

I am a digital artist and illustrator. I have been drawing professionally since I was 16 when I did some illustrations for a biology book published by Oakland University.

Other places to read posts by me or see what I am up to:

  1. I post 6–8 paintings a week on Instagram
  2. Buy my art: ArtOfDavezilla.com
  3. Wear my art: Threadless
  4. Follow my illustration on Behance
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  6. Friend me on Facebook page
  7. Davezilla: the blog that started it all

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Yeah, well Big Al also said dogs can’t look up.