How to keep customers loyal

Korg is a synthesizer/effects pedal company that’s been around for decades. While they’ve always had great products, they never got the media attention of Roland or Moog. But that’s been changing fast. Korg has been killing the competition lately with great digital products and brilliant marketing ideas. Last year, they put out the iElectribe, a… Continue reading How to keep customers loyal

Anatomy of a Tweet

This post was originally written for Campbell Ewald. “But I can’t say anything of value in only 140 characters.” Then you cannot write. I suggest you study billboards or Web banners. Master brevity and a few simple concepts and you’ll have no trouble fitting vast concepts into a tweet. Do a search for “What makes… Continue reading Anatomy of a Tweet

Social Media Infographics

There’s a ton of social media infographics out there. It seems like you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a new one every day. That said, I was honored to find that one of my infographics made the list of Top 20 Social Media Statistics Infographics, compiled by the fine folks at Graphics.MS. (Mine… Continue reading Social Media Infographics