Bored? Change your bookmarks!

Safari Top Sites
At least once a month, I change which blogs I am reading. I think this is a good practice for several reasons:

  1. As a blogger myself, it keeps me inspired and if I am always reading the same opinions, it’s easy to fall into the “preaching to the crowd” syndrome.
  2. It keeps me from falling into drudgery and routine
  3. There are precious few blogs (like BoingBoing and PSFK) that continually surprise with truly original content.

While I am a heavy user of Delicious, my daily fixes are stored on my Safari Top Sites page (click the screenshot above for a better view of my current choices). This is an easily updatable page and because it’s so visual, changing my daily reading material out is simple and obvious. I think this is key. If this were simply a list of links, changing them out would be less clear drudgery might continue. But Apple is smart. The icons on the Top Sites page update daily to display new content that you can see before going to the page.

So what are my current picks? The top row is the only constant. My personal stuff. Facebook,, this blog, my music on Soundcloud, my LinkedIn profile and my business page on Facebook.
ROW TWO: Pinterest, PSFK, Code Poet, The Awesomer, Reddit, FP (private site)
ROW THREE: GigaOm, RibbonFarm, ModulateThis!, Create Digital Music, Synthtopia, Smashing Magazine
ROW FOUR: Ffffound!, Ape on the Moon, Drawn, ThunderChunky, Vector Tuts+ and

I try to keep a mix of informative, artsy, newsy, funny and unusual. I suppose I should add some fiction in there sometime. What are you reading these days?