Changes are a comin’

I’ll be making some useful design changes to this site over the next week. I’m sure you’ve noticed the new branding; it’s actually the Facebook cover photo, and I need to make a full width one that better integrates into the site. I will also be moving the blog portion to a subfolder, so I sincerely apologize to anyone who has linked to an article here; it may break as I move the content to /blog but I have worked out the forwarding issues so links will remain intact.

In addition to the visual tweaks, I’ve added a new Facebook Page for my business. I am posting two things there: 1) social and experiential marketing links I find and 2) my speaking gigs.

Rob Palmer's
Rob Palmer’s
One thing I added this week was the progress bar on the right. When I was let go and decided to form my own LLC, I was immediately hit with work offers to the point that I needed to refuse some work. A good problem to have!

The progress bar was the ideal solution for showing how much work I currently have. I took the idea from Rob Palmer’s site which features a helpful widget that even says the date he is next available.

It’s funny. Almost everything exists if you Google it. I needed that progress bar and Googled “Progress Meter Plugin WordPress”. Sure enough, one of the first results was Top 12 Writing Progress Meters and Word Count Trackers by Tia Ross.

God, I love the Internet.






2 responses to “Changes are a comin’”

  1. Hubert Sawyers III Avatar

    It just goes to show, no idea is ever really original. You may be the first to build it, but you are probably not likely the first to consider it!

    1. Dave Linabury Avatar

      That’s certainly true! Like Man Ray once said, “To create is divine, to reproduce is human.”