Bad LinkedIn!

Oh LinkedIn, You So Silly

Two pet peeves about LinkedIn, both UXD related.


Clicking on the Invitations when I have a message saying I have invitations waiting to be accepted should send me to the Invitations tab, right? Instead, it sends me to the Messages tab. That’s just bad design.

Instead, LinkedIn should either 1) Offer separate icons for messages vs. invitations or 2) Be smart enough to know that if I clicked on the tab I should be sent to the appropriate section be CONTEXT. If the link I came from said “accept invitations”, send me to the bloody invitations. If I have invitations waiting but no messages, send me to invitations.


The skills that people can rate you for is a great feature—except that LinkedIn tries to be “helpful” and tells your connections to rate you for skills that are not already on your page—or they may be—but in a different syntax giving you in effect, duplicate skill sets.

For example, I have four different forms of social media marketing I am rated for. I only need one: Social Media Marketing. But LinkedIn has “suggested” to my connections that they add more versions. The problem is, these duplicate skills end up cannibalizing each other’s scores so none of them rate as high as they should.

LinkedIn would be smart to offer a “Merge Skills” option that would enable you to merge duplicates without losing votes.

Agree? Disagree?