Use Adobe Creative Cloud? Watch out for this!

I am a subscriber to Adobe’s wonderful Creative Cloud service. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s like a furniture rental place—except you’re renting software. For $14.95/month you can have any app they make. For $49.95, any five apps they make. You get free updates and space to store files online (which seems to be everyone’s offering lately).

Now the bug I am about to describe may or may not be Adobe’s fault. It may be Apple’s and I haven’t tried this on a PC yet, but I suspect the result will be the same. If on your Mac, and you choose:

System Preferences > Language & Text > Region > United States

Then Creative Cloud will do what it’s supposed to do. Give you your chosen software in English. If however, you choose:

System Preferences > Language & Text > Region > United States (Computer)

You will be given a Brazilian version (Portuguese). I have no idea why. It changes the Adobe Application Manager to Portuguese and any apps you download will be Brazilian versions with no English backup.

United States Region Choice
Region Choice: United States. Right below it is United States (computer). Use only if necessary.

So make sure you do not choose United States (Computer) as your region, but should your job must that region, there is a workaround.

  1. Launch the Adobe Application Manager
  2. At the top left, you’ll see your name with a triangle.
  3. Click the triangle to display the Preferences menu.
  4. Change the language to English (North America). You may need to scroll up to find it.
English language preference
Preference: English language.

You’ll see that the language has saved, but the menus and buttons are still in Portuguese. Don’t panic. Just quit the app. Reboot your Mac. All is well now.