Category: Best Practices

  • Bored? Change your bookmarks!

    At least once a month, I change which blogs I am reading. I think this is a good practice for several reasons: As a blogger myself, it keeps me inspired and if I am always reading the same opinions, it’s easy to fall into the “preaching to the crowd” syndrome. It keeps me from falling […]

  • What will it take for the Web to work on TV?

    Part I: Better Bookmark and URL Entry There are numerous speculative articles out about where television is heading, particularly its tenuous but growing relationship with social media. This post is taking a different approach. What will TV itself have to do, from a user and browsing experience to succeed? This is post one of two. […]

  • Use Adobe Creative Cloud? Watch out for this!

    I am a subscriber to Adobe’s wonderful Creative Cloud service. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s like a furniture rental place—except you’re renting software. For $14.95/month you can have any app they make. For $49.95, any five apps they make. You get free updates and space to store files online (which seems to be […]

  • Changes are a comin’

    I’ll be making some useful design changes to this site over the next week. I’m sure you’ve noticed the new branding; it’s actually the Facebook cover photo, and I need to make a full width one that better integrates into the site. I will also be moving the blog portion to a subfolder, so I […]

  • Platform Pet Peeves

    Lately I’ve noticed what seems to me to be sloppy user experience design (UXD) in many of the apps I use. If the mistakes were on small, indie apps that lack the budget for a User Experience Designer or an Information Architect, I could let these go (although why are you building apps if you […]