Gmail Labels Saved My Life

I love Gmail. Love it, love it, love it. However, despite its amazing internal search capabilities, it’s still sometimes hard to find important email. I’ve been on Gmail since the beta first launched (thanks to my old friend Kevin Fox). As a former Information Architect, I loved the labeling feature and have experimented with labeling… Continue reading Gmail Labels Saved My Life

How to Run a Great Digital Conference

I’ve been speaking at digital conferences since 2001, and I’ve spoken at everything from social media cons to usability cons to Linux cons to sociology cons, so I have a really good feel for what makes a Digital con good or bad. I just attended the LessConf in Atlanta; one of my favorite cons to… Continue reading How to Run a Great Digital Conference

You call that an ironing board?

Chris Brogan’s recent post on flying tips got me thinking on my own experiences as a frequent traveler. It may seem glamorous to the outsider to fly around the country speaking to CMOs and CEOs about social media—and it can be—but you are only seeing part of the story—the fun part. The traveling itself can… Continue reading You call that an ironing board?

Anatomy of a Tweet

This post was originally written for Campbell Ewald. “But I can’t say anything of value in only 140 characters.” Then you cannot write. I suggest you study billboards or Web banners. Master brevity and a few simple concepts and you’ll have no trouble fitting vast concepts into a tweet. Do a search for “What makes… Continue reading Anatomy of a Tweet