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  • Time for a new habit

    Time for a new habit

    Generally, when I attend conferences, I learn nothing new. Part of this is me being a seasoned professional nearing 25 years in digital, part is the enormous number of books I read, and part is due to me being a conference speaker as well. I’ve been fortunate enough to see so many other speakers that I usually know what they will talk about.

  • Why I Stopped Speaking at Social Media Conferences

    Why I Stopped Speaking at Social Media Conferences

    WARNING: This post will offend a lot of business professionals—and most of them deserve to be offended. You’ve been warned. The title sounds like professional suicide. I gave up attending conferences few years ago, except in very rare instances. I’ve also stopped speaking (except in my role as lecturer at College for Creative Studies). I’ve […]

  • How to Run a Great Digital Conference

    I’ve been speaking at digital conferences since 2001, and I’ve spoken at everything from social media cons to usability cons to Linux cons to sociology cons, so I have a really good feel for what makes a Digital con good or bad. I just attended the LessConf in Atlanta; one of my favorite cons to […]