Category: Infotropism

  • More Visual Music

    Based on the popularity my post, The Future of Music is Visual, I decided to share with you more companies that exemplify the marriage of visuals and audio. Korg iKaossilator First up is an iPhone app from Korg. If you recall popularity of the Kaossilators, it will come as no surprise that Korg has created […]

  • Surround Vision

    Santiago Alfaro has been working on a project at MIT that I find fascinating, but also see tremendous commercial potential in. Called Surround Vision, the concept extends our view of television content to external handheld devices. If someone runs offscreen, holding a handheld device would allow the viewer to turn around and see where the […]

  • Audio Cubes Will Change Live Performances

    Audio Cubes from Percussa are one of the most beautiful technical innovations in live music—and a perfect example of Infotropic devices. Light-emitting cubes are placed end to end forming beats, loops and phrases. Changing which side of the cubes face each other changes the patterns, which are user-assigned through software. Moving your hands near and […]

  • You are altering your own reality

    My greatest fascination is participating in the ever-blurring line between online and offline realities. From simple channels like QR codes and Augmented Reality—to the supermechanical objects by visionary John Kestner,—our perception of what is online and what is offline is changing. Our children may never believe that there ever was a line. Infotropism is the […]