Dave Linabury Joins Ann Arbor Digital Marketing Agency as Chief Digital Officer

Dave Linabury

Dave Linabury joins Ann Arbor-based agency Ingenex Digital Marketing as its Chief Digital Officer.

The Dementor Game

So I came up with a silly game.

What will it take for the Web to work on TV?

Part I: Better Bookmark and URL Entry There are numerous speculative articles out about where television is heading, particularly its tenuous but growing relationship with social media.

Platform Pet Peeves

Lately I’ve noticed what seems to me to be sloppy user experience design (UXD) in many of the apps I use.

When you say X, you really mean Y

When You Say… All I hear is… "We’re the leading social media app developer…" "We’ve weaseled into large client meetings, but have yet to bag one" "We’re market leaders in social media ROI" "We just figured out what ROI stands for from an article in Mashable" "We’re looking to expand our horizons…" "You have money I want to spend" "We’d like to further our relationship with your company" "We’ve never met" "Please look over our attached PDF of case studies" "I’m too lazy to call and explain them" "Your calendar seems to be busy these days!" "Your admin thought I was a douchebag and hung up on me" "I’m considered a social media guru by my peers" "I’m considered a social media guru by my Mom and the guys I drink beer with" "Our companies have a unique synergy…" "You have money I want to spend" "I have followed your