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  • iOS7: First Impressions

    iOS7: First Impressions

    WARNING: Don’t install it yet! Wait to install! I’ve been reading warnings like this all week since the release of Apple’s iOS7. Most of the warnings came from electronic music sites who rightfully warn that Apple made some changes to the AudioCopy SDK and music apps apparently are suffering from performance issues. Complainers: The majority […]

  • Use Adobe Creative Cloud? Watch out for this!

    I am a subscriber to Adobe’s wonderful Creative Cloud service. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s like a furniture rental place—except you’re renting software. For $14.95/month you can have any app they make. For $49.95, any five apps they make. You get free updates and space to store files online (which seems to be […]

  • Platform Pet Peeves

    Lately I’ve noticed what seems to me to be sloppy user experience design (UXD) in many of the apps I use. If the mistakes were on small, indie apps that lack the budget for a User Experience Designer or an Information Architect, I could let these go (although why are you building apps if you […]