Time for a new habit

Seth Godin at Digital Summit Detroit 2016

Generally, when I attend conferences, I learn nothing new. Part of this is me being a seasoned professional nearing 25 years in digital, part is the enormous number of books I read, and part is due to me being a conference speaker as well. I’ve been fortunate enough to see so many other speakers that I usually know what they will talk about.

What will it take for the Web to work on TV?

Part I: Better Bookmark and URL Entry There are numerous speculative articles out about where television is heading, particularly its tenuous but growing relationship with social media.

Why Everyone Leaves Your Site

While I like this post on bounce rate, I disagree with the author’s statement that bounce rate is simply, “…the most basic expression of dissatisfaction with your site users can give you.” No headline relevance The author missed one reason for bounce rate that may be the most common cause, but few SEO pros write about it: What the user sees on your site may not match the expectation given by the ad banner they clicked on.

How I’ll be using Google+ for businesses

Google+ has an innate advantage over Facebook in its use of Circles.

Gmail Labels Saved My Life

I love Gmail.