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  • David G. Rennalls

    I’ve known Dave over 40 years and he is one of the most talented illustrators I’ve worked with! He’s worked on a wide range of clients and applies his experience to each one.

  • Paul Christy

    Working with Dave, was not only a great experience but also empowering. He not only explained the process every step of the way, but explained why it was important and a part of the process. When it comes to marketing one thing always leads to the next and Dave made us understand our brand more […]

  • Scott Vowels

    Dave is easy to work with and he just gets it. It’s like he reads my mind on what I want.

  • Jacki Smith

    Dave Linabury has been an excellent addition to our marketing team. His experience and talent has made out good product idea excellent,  taking them from successful to best seller status. From his active listening to his fast turn around had made him a valuable asset to Coventry’s future projects.