The importance of the Elevator Pitch

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When people as me what I do for a living, I could answer via one of two routes. I could be factual and respond with,  “I am an Information Architect with 22 years specializing designing Web Standards-based, accessible, responsive websites that utilize MySQL + LAMP, and are based on Agile, design thinking, additionally having over… Continue reading The importance of the Elevator Pitch

The Generation Expectation

The generation expectation is an in-depth article describing how the generation you were born in affects how you use technology and what you expect it to do
Do you know what generation you were born in? Experts argue endlessly about the dates of the various generations. For example, I was born in 1964 which—by most research—puts me right at the beginning of Generation X. But some researchers say I am tail-end Baby Boomer. I personally identify with Gen X far more than Boomers. For the purposes of this article however, let’s use these generally agreed-upon dates:

Time for a new habit

Generally, when I attend conferences, I learn nothing new. Part of this is me being a seasoned professional nearing 25 years in digital, part is the enormous number of books I read, and part is due to me being a conference speaker as well. I’ve been fortunate enough to see so many other speakers that I usually know what they will talk about.

Why I Stopped Speaking at Social Media Conferences

Why I Stopped Speaking at Social Media Conferences

WARNING: This post will offend a lot of business professionals—and most of them deserve to be offended. You’ve been warned. The title sounds like professional suicide. I gave up attending conferences few years ago, except in very rare instances. I’ve also stopped speaking (except in my role as lecturer at College for Creative Studies). I’ve… Continue reading Why I Stopped Speaking at Social Media Conferences

When hashtags go bad

Oh dear.