You call that an ironing board?

Chris Brogan’s recent post on flying tips got me thinking on my own experiences as a frequent traveler. It may seem glamorous to the outsider to fly around the country speaking to CMOs and CEOs about social media—and it can be—but you are only seeing part of the story—the fun part.

The traveling itself can be grueling. Even the best hotels have a bad room, flights frequently get canceled or delayed leading to more unwanted, overnight stays than I care to remember.

“What? Stating an extra night in San Francisco? Poor baby!” It’s not like I got a free vacation day. Staying an unexpected evening means one more night in unwashed clothes. I travel as light as possible to get through lines quicker, and that means no extra clothing (although I do bring extra boxers and socks).

Hotel cleaning services rarely align with flight schedules, so you either travel dirty on the return flight, or get your clothes cleaned and possibly miss a flight.

My biggest pet peeve are hotel ironing boards. Invariably, a shirt will need a quick press before speaking to a crowd, but most hotels buy ironing boards that look like they were used to pen in goats. If they aren’t filthy, they’re so wrinkly, I often feel the need to iron the board itself lest I add permanent wrinkles to my shirts.

How about you? Ironing boards got your goat, or does something else about travel bug you?