Platform Pet Peeves

Lately I’ve noticed what seems to me to be sloppy user experience design (UXD) in many of the apps I use. If the mistakes were on small, indie apps that lack the budget for a User Experience Designer or an Information Architect, I could let these go (although why are you building apps if you […]

How to Get on Starbucks Wifi. Every Time.

I love free Wifi. We all do. Except when we can’t get on. Sometimes their default login page stubbornly refuses to appear. Your friends will tell you, “Oh, just type in, or any site and the page will pop up.” Except that doesn’t always work. And restarting your browser works about 80% of the […]

Stop using testimonials. Now.

I know. All of you marketers out there want to include testimonials on your micro sites, landing pages, online media and Facebook pages. Don’t. I’m begging you not to. “But, Dave! Consumers are more likely to trust another person’s review of a product than what the brand says about itself!” Aha! You said review, not […]

Why Everyone Leaves Your Site

While I like this post on bounce rate, I disagree with the author’s statement that bounce rate is simply, “…the most basic expression of dissatisfaction with your site users can give you.” No headline relevance The author missed one reason for bounce rate that may be the most common cause, but few SEO pros write […]

How I’ll be using Google+ for businesses

Google+ has an innate advantage over Facebook in its use of Circles. Far too many writers are viewing this as a bad thing, it being anti-social, leading to cliques, etc. I do not hold to this view. Circles allow for one thing Facebook is notoriously poor at: the hyper-targeting of content. If I have a […]

Sitting kills!

Via @nikkistephan Via: Medical Billing And Coding

Gmail Labels Saved My Life

I love Gmail. Love it, love it, love it. However, despite its amazing internal search capabilities, it’s still sometimes hard to find important email. I’ve been on Gmail since the beta first launched (thanks to my old friend Kevin Fox). As a former Information Architect, I loved the labeling feature and have experimented with labeling […]